About the Workplace

Is the workplace really an emotion-free habitat, as some would like to think?

And is a team unreservedly a place for generating ideas, achieving goals, celebrating team spirit? Are superiors charismatic leaders, perfect in forecasting, organising, appraisal, decision-making, giving feedback, allocating work?

Well, if they were, I would most likely be doomed to idleness.

The truth is, a workplace can be quite a minefield. Trouble comes in various guises: Conflict involving decisions, priorities, or the lack of both. Incompetent leadership, appraisal systems that seem to be designed for systems rather than for humans. Vague contracts as to what is expected from you and as to what you should expect … the sky is the limit.

Conflicts at the workplace can lead to serious problems once you try to ignore them: They can damage career progression or lead to health issues.

I know you know all this already. But when will you start doing something about it?