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Style of Coaching

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Born in 1960, I am a qualified coach, and have been running my own business successfully since 2000 offering coaching and training services both in English and in German. My style of coaching is based on the systemic approach – it is value-oriented and non-judgemental.

I have particular expertise in helping people develop communication skills in the work environment, and find out who they really are.

  • Accredited coach using a wide range of coaching skills
  • Member of Coaching Pool of Leuphana Professional School University Lüneburg


My background is varied, as with many of my clients. In my twenties, I studied and worked in England, did an M.A. in English Studies, and worked as a free-lance journalist. In my thirties, I worked full-time with a training institute, developing trainings for businesses and taking on management tasks. I have been a bilingual inhouse-trainer to this very day, catering for the needs of long-term b2b-customers such as SIEMENS and KMP Services Sindelfingen.

My time at the institute was particularly valuable in two ways: It was alongside this job that I wrote my dissertation on topics in an English business meeting (“What’s on the Agenda?”, Peter Lang Verlag 2001)—a research that turned my attention toward the workplace and its interaction. Apart from that, I discovered my passion for developing people—my objective from then on was to become a coach. I started a 3-year-modular training as a coach at one of the best places for that in Germany: www.systemiker.com. , followed by a training as a “job promotor” at Frankfurt FH.

Hence, I can offer both career consulting and coaching. My interest for what is going on at work has never ceased: I am also a published author in the field of work-life-balance (“Runterschalten!”, “Downshifting”).


  • Driving about in our vintage 2 CV and—occasionally—mending it
  • Isle of Wight, English country fare, English pubs, Wallace & Gromit, Little Britain
  • Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen, Äppelwoi with Dieter’s place, feeding squirrels (red ones!) on our balcony
  • Hiking, dancing
  • Family, my husband and friends
  • Celebrating, growing grey hair and discovering new territory


Coaching and Career Consulting

Photograph Wiebke Sponagel
Dr. Wiebke Sponagel
  • Are you at a crossroads in your career?
  • Are you facing a difficult decision?
  • Is there a conflict looming at your workplace?
  • Do the rules of German behaviour make you feel lost?
  • Are you competent but too introverted to excel in professional contexts?
  • Do you need better work-life-balance?

Life is too short and too risky to contemplate such questions on one’s own, isn’t it?

A professional coach or career consultant might help to sort things out. Someone who is neither family nor friends. A neutral sparring-partner. To find a decision that fits. To arrive at a solution that meets your personal needs.

Try me.

Our first encounter is complimentary. We are going to test the chemistry and talk about how your expectations can be turned into a joint project. We are going to consider the terms of contract, methods and aims and the stages of your personal consultation programme. And after that, if needed, some time for thinking it over.

That’s worth a try, do you think? Then do give me a call or drop me a line. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.